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Lectures on Psychological Astrology:

Yods and unaspected planets in synasty – € 25.00
Information:Yods and unaspected planets in synastry

Sexuality, Astrology & Therapy – € 25.00
Information: Sexuality-astrology-therapy

Astrology and diagnosis in west and east: what is reality? Psychosis or kundalini? – € 25.00
Information: Astrology and diagnosis in west and east

Lectures on Mundane Astrology

Dancing the choreography of the collective cycles and the crisis of 2020 – € 25.00
Information: Dancing the choreography of the collective cycles of 2020

2020 and Beyond – Are we sailing towards a storm? – € 25.00
Information: 2020 and Beyond

Forthcoming in december 2020:

Interpreting Childrens charts in your astrological practice – special considerations and pitfalls – € 25.00
Information: Interpreting childrens charts

Do you really enjoy your 5th house? – € 25.00
Information: Do you really enjoy your 5th house

The end of the Bronze Age and its Message for our Time – € 25.00
Information: The End of the Bronze Age as a Message for Our Time

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Dancing the collective cycles2020 and BeyondSexuality, Astrology, TherapyYods and unaspected planets in synastryAstroloy and Diagnosos in East and West